"Ello! I'm ELO, and I'm not your typical Discord bot. Think of me as your trusty gaming sidekick, here to make your gaming adventures more thrilling and fun. Whether you're looking to challenge your friends, create exciting competitions, or simply have a blast, I'm here to elev8 your gaming experience in your Discord server!"


Get ready for heart-pounding action! ELO orchestrates thrilling ladder tournaments that keep the adrenaline pumping. Challenge friends or rivals – every match counts, and victory awaits the worthy.

What I Can Do

Join Queues

  • Start a Ladder Season in Minutes: Create competitive seasons effortlessly.
  • Automated ELO Calculation: Keep the focus on your gameplay; I'll handle the scorekeeping.
  • Submit Results with a Click: Record match outcomes seamlessly.
  • Solo or Team Modes: Enjoy 1v1 duels or team-based action.

Competitive Companion

  • Match Summaries: Your match results rounded up right away.
  • Track Player Stats: Keep an eye on your stats and your fellow players.

Server Leaderboards

  • Elevate the Competition: Climb server-wide leaderboards and become the best.
  • See the Best Players: Keep tabs on and challenge top performers in your gaming community.

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Join an ELO Tournament Event

SEAesport is kicking off an event in the Community Haven discord using ELO, with the game Marvel Snap. Join their discord and follow their socials to know when to join and start queue-ing up for matches!

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